Rocky Mountain High

Kaslo, British Columbia, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, is the home of Stan Baker Trucking. It is also the setting for a tough application for the Revolver RT508 portable trommel.

Heavy topsoil loaded with rock was the material, a difficult processing job for the biggest of plants. The RT508, fitted with a 5/8″ mesh and equipped with the plant mounted overs conveyor, was accompanied by the Revolver CHR4030 radial stacker. Production expectations were exceeded and the end product was of such a high quality that the local municipality committed to take almost all of the rest of the year’s production.

Stan Baker also opted to take several heavier “aggregate style” drums with larger screen sizes to process the stone required for local road jobs in and around the central British Columbia area. The very portable RT508 makes taking the plant to the material a viable alternative and a very efficient proposition.